Mayors' Megawatt Challenge
Since 2003, the Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge has been bringing together leading municipalities to achieve exceptional levels of energy and environmental performance in municipal facilities.

In 2011 the program went national with the Town Hall Challenge, which engaged cities and towns from eight provinces in identifying and recognizing some of the most energy efficient buildings in Canada. This national expansion has broadened the reach and added substantially to the range of benchmarking, best practices and experience with all types of municipal facilities and energy and environmental issues which is shared among the member municipalities.

The Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge is a program of The Living City, and is delivered by Toronto & Region Conservation.

Making Savings
  Savings 2016
(vs. 2015)
Savings Percent Savings 2016
(vs. 2014)
Savings Percent
Electricity (134) MWh (0.1) % 3,844 MWh 2.9 %
Demand (1) MW (0.3) % 4 MW 1.8 %
Thermal 304 eMWh 0.3 % 5,043 eMWh 4.4 %
Total energy 171 eMWh 0.1 % 8,886 eMWh 3.6 %
Water (21) 10m3 (10.0) % 15 10m3 9.3 %
Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) (5) tonnes 1,139 tonnes
Energy Cost Savings ($ 36,143) $ 635,640
Not all participant buildings are reporting in all years or in all categories. Savings are reported on a net basis.
Results as of December 31, 2016
numbers in ( ) are increases
What's new?
Take the Town Hall Challenge to reach a target of 20 ekWh/sf in your Town/City Hall by 2015.  White paper released in Feb 2013.  For more information, visit
2012 presentations and checklists are online under the documents link.
OPA incentive programs - measures must be pre-approved. Go to for more information
Enbridge and Union offer performance-based incentive program for gas and steam savings.
Total municipalities 12
 Barrie (City of)  Oshawa (City of)
 Brampton (City of)  Peel (Region of)
 Caledon (Town of)  Richmond Hill (Town of)
 Guelph (City of)  Toronto (City of)
 Markham (City of)  Town Hall Challenge
 Mississauga (City of)  TRCA
Total buildings 108
Total building area 956,460 m2
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