Mayors' Megawatt Challenge
The Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge brings municipalities together to improve energy efficiency and environmental performance in their own buildings. Members demonstrate leadership, inspiring other organizations and individuals to take action towards healthier, more sustainable communities. Many municipalities have long been champions of energy efficiency, implementing projects and programs aimed at improving energy performance. The Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge takes these efforts to the next level by benchmarking individual facilities, setting energy targets, sharing best practices and recognizing high performance.
Making Savings
  Savings 2018
(vs. 2017)
Savings Percent Savings 2018
(vs. 2016)
Savings Percent
Electricity 5,370 MWh 4.0 % 8,333 MWh 6.8 %
Demand 3 MW 1.4 % 7 MW 2.8 %
Thermal (6,898) eMWh (5.0) % (4,721) eMWh (3.9) %
Total energy (1,528) eMWh (0.6) % 3,612 eMWh 1.5 %
Water 1 10m3 0.1 % 42 10m3 11.1 %
Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) (1,201) tonnes (792) tonnes
Energy Cost Savings $ 492,512 $ 853,233
Not all participant buildings are reporting in all years or in all categories. Savings are reported on a net basis.
Results as of December 31, 2018
numbers in ( ) are increases
What's new?
Take the Town Hall Challenge to reach a target of 20 ekWh/sf in your Town/City Hall by 2015.  White paper released in Feb 2013.  For more information, visit
2012 presentations and checklists are online under the documents link.
OPA incentive programs - measures must be pre-approved. Go to for more information
Enbridge and Union offer performance-based incentive program for gas and steam savings.
Total municipalities 12
 Barrie (City of)  Oshawa (City of)
 Brampton (City of)  Peel (Region of)
 Caledon (Town of)  Richmond Hill (Town of)
 King (Township of)  Toronto (City of)
 Markham (City of)  Town Hall Challenge
 Mississauga (City of)  TRCA
Total buildings 111
Total building area 1,038,650 m2
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