Mayors' Megawatt Challenge
Founded in 2003,the Mayors’ Megawatt Challenge brings together municipalities of every size from across North America to lower energy use,emissions, and operating costs in their own facilities, while demonstrating leadership in climate change action within their communities. Members manage data, assess their energy and environmental performance, set targets and track savings over time. They develop and share knowledge and best practices through data-driven research,webinars and networking to help plan, implement and verify improvements.

The Mayors' Megawatt Challenge is a program of the Climate Challenge Network.
Making Savings
  Savings 2023
(vs. 2022)
Savings Percent Savings 2023
(vs. 2021)
Savings Percent
Electricity (3,305) MWh (2.9) % no data  
Demand (0) MW (12.1) % no data  
Thermal (4,815) eMWh (4.2) % no data  
Total energy (8,120) eMWh (3.6) % no data  
Water (8) 10m3 (739.3) % no data  
Greenhouse gas emissions (CO2e) (1,034) tonnes no data
Energy Cost Savings ($ 643,843) no data
Not all participant buildings are reporting in all years or in all categories. Savings are reported on a net basis.
Results as of December 31, 2023
numbers in ( ) are increases
What's new?
Total municipalities 32
 Barrie (City of)  Mississauga (City of)
 Bonnechere Valley (Township of)  Oakville (Town of)
 Brampton (City of)  Peel (Region of)
 Caledon (Town of)  Prince Albert SK (City of)
 Carleton Place (Town of)  Richmond Hill (City of)
 Chapleau (Township Of)  Stirling-Rawdon (Township of)
 Chatham-Kent (Municipality of)  Stratford (City of)
 Espanola (Town Of)  Thessalon (Town Of)
 Essex County (Town of)  Toronto (City of)
 Goderich (Town of)  Town Hall Challenge
 Grandview Municipality  TRCA
 Halton Hills (Town of)  Vaughan (City of)
 Huron Kinloss (Township Of)  Village of Westport
 King (Township of)  Whitby (Town of)
 La Broquerie (in Manitoba)  Winnipeg (City of)
 Markham (City of)  Wolseley (Township Of)
Total buildings 149
Total building area 1,174,576 m2
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